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Web Page NameContact
Racquetball Club (Student Organizations Search)
Radiation Cancer Biology & Oncology Graduate Degree Program (970) 491-5003
Ram Athletics (Athletics) (970) 491-5300
Ram Club (970) 491-4666
Ram Kidz Village (970) 988-0060
Ram Paintball Club (Student Organizations Search)
Ram Racing Formula SAE (Student Organizations Search)
Ram Sign Club (Student Organizations Search)
Ram Volleyball (970) 491-5300
Ram Welcome (970) 491-6011
Ram Wheels (Student Organizations Search)
Ramapalooza (970) 491-6626
RamCard Office (970) 491-2344
RamCT Help (970) 491-6293
RamCT Login
RamLink (970) 491-1682
RamMail - Student Email System (970) 491-7276
Ramnime (Student Organizations Search)
RamPoint Portal (970) 491-7276
Rams 5,280'
Rams Cycling Team (Sport Clubs) (970) 491-3973
Rams Cycling Team (Student Organizations Search)
Rams for Christ (Student Organizations Search)
RAMtech (970) 491-7625
RamTrax (970) 491-3858
RamZone (970) 491-0546
Rangeland Ecology (Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department) (970) 491-6911
Rangeland Ecology Club (Student Organizations Search)
Real Estate Club (Student Organizations Search)
REAL Experience: Rams Engaging in Active Leadership Certificate Program (970) 491-1682
Real Faith (Student Organizations Search)
REAL: Rams Encouraging Adolescent Literacy (Student Organizations Search)
Realm (The) (Student Organizations Search)
Recombinant DNA (Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office) (970) 491-1553
Recreational Sports (Campus Recreation) (970) 491-6359
Recycling (Department of Facilities Management) (970) 491-0122
Reformed University Fellowship (Student Organizations Search)
Regional Economics Institute
Registrar (970) 491-4860
Registration, Undergraduate Students (RAMWeb)
Religion and Philosophy Club (Student Organizations Search)
Rental Cars and Buses (970) 491-0016
Rental Space (Facilities Event Support) (970) 491-0108
Reporting Hotline (CSU System Compliance Reporting Hotline) (303) 534-6290
Reproductive Endocrinology Laboratory (970) 491-4356
Research (Vice President for Research) (970) 491-7194
Research and Creativity Sympsium, Undergraduate (Celebrate Undergraduate Research & Creativity)
Research Databases (Library) (Find Electronic Resources and Databases) (970) 491-1847
Research Databases (Library) (970) 491-1821
Research Guides (Library) (970) 491-1856
Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office (970) 491-1553
Research Integrity Officer (RIO) (970) 491-1563
Research Misconduct (970) 491-1553
Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Air Force (Air Force ROTC) (970) 491-6476
Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Army (Army ROTC) (970) 491-6506
Residence Hall Association (Student Organizations Search)
Residence Halls (970) 491-4719
Resonant Ramblings (Student Organizations Search)
Resources for Disabled Students (RDS) (970) 491-6385
Restaurant, Aspen Grille (Aspen Grille) (970) 491-7006
Restoration Ecology Laboratory
Ripple Effect rippleeffect@colostate.edu
Risk Management (Office of Risk Management & Insurance ) (970) 491-6745
RMRCE (970) 491-8981
Rock Solid Science (Student Organizations Search)
Rock, The (Student Organizations Search)
Rocky Mountain Animal Advocates (Student Organizations Search)
Rocky Mountain International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (RMISPE) (Student Organizations Search)
Rocky Mountain Showdown (970)
Rocky Mountain Student Media (Student Media) (970) 491-1774
Rodeo (CSU Rodeo) (720) 226-4696
Roots and Shoots (Student Organizations Search)
Ropes Course (Team Building) (970) 491-0969
Rugby (Sport Clubs) (970) 491-3973
Rugby (Men's) (Student Organizations Search)
Rugby (Women's) (Student Organizations Search)
Russian Club at CSU (Student Organizations Search)

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